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Management Idea: Make great efforts to be prosperous.      
                                   Brave to innovate.      
                                   Pooling wisdom and making efforts.
                                   Reciprocating the society.

Talent Idea: Staffs are the most precious wealth of the enterprise.

Enterprise Spirit: Striving for success without stop. Striving for realism enterprising. Pursuing prominence.
    All the work we do is pursuing prominence.
     Well-trained person: We should have the outstanding team that                                          can continuously surmount the ego,innovate technology to improve product quality endlessly.
     Well-trained thought: We should have the quality concept that doing things best and pursuing perfectness.
     Well-trained behavior: The working style we should have is conscientiousness, well- mannered,self-discipline and rationality.

Organization Characteristic:
    Explicit: definite goal, distinct organization and compact instruction
    Brave: practical and decisive, persisting in the goal and carrying through to the end
    Swift: Fully authorizing, deciding on the spot, fast and effective, striving for enterprise constantly

Work standard: Work hard, learning with an open mind and upholding the company's benefit everywhere

Enterprise culture:
    Ability: Living ability, manufacture ability, competitive ability, innovational ability
    Harmony:Work like brothers, encourage mutually
    Stability:Provide appropriate post for the talent to develop, and make them feel relieved and stable
    Happiness: Lively and delightful

The declaration of the company's monthly periodical
    Accompanied with You: Working together, being with happy humans together;The more intimate people are , the more close hearts gather.

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Colorful Enterprise Culture Activities:
      HONG KONG IDEAS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED( IdeasPCB ) actively promotes the human natural enterprise culture, and diligently moulds a team which is full of ideal and strength. Our company attaches importance to the integral coordination and cooperation of the team, gives full play to each department's promotional function, and strenuously creates the most favorable development space with every effort for the staffs. It also vigorously develops the lively recreational activities, guides the staffs' mood and thought at the right moment, and let them feel the glory and importance of the work, experiences the warmth and power of our team everywhere.  

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