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In macroscopic aspect:
¡°Resolution¡± is the company's development strategy which is pushed on by its determination, boldness and strength. In microcosmic aspect, it embodies the company's management system which is about the benefit guides the culture, strict standard and the distinct award and penalty, and its mechanism of talent competition which is about equality, fair and survival of the fittest.

Management Pattern: MOB Management System
     ¡°MBO¡± means Objection Benefit Management . ¡°M¡± is Management, ¡°B¡± is Benefit, ¡°O¡± is Objection. It consists of three systems-objection, inspection and reward. By ¡°MBO¡± management, all the staffs can execute in a planned way according to the objection and working standard .We can guarantee each matter to achieve its objection as planned, and try our best to make management depend on effect, manage staff depend on inspection.
      The core thought of ¡°MBO¡± is that sharing benefit together, taking on risk together, and getting particular things improved with the improvement of the general situation.
      The trait of ¡°MBO¡± is that every project must be worked out its goal, everything must be examined and everybody must undertake the responsibility.
      The formula principles of ¡°MBO¡± are objection approval principle, objection digital principle, objection effective principle , objection scientific and rational principle, and objection involving principle.
      ¡°MBO¡± is a three-dimensional, multi-dimensional and new economy responsibility system which embodies the close combination of responsibility, power and benefit, and it is the best embodiment of the company's culture core-Taking the result as the guidance.

Eight Management Principles:

Mercy and Merciless: Mercy means harmony, confidence and respect. Merciless means strict, unyielding and eliminating the worthless person.The Dialectical Reaction of mercy and merciless is that reason comes first, emotion goes behind.

Competition and Cooperation: Competition means that the weak defeats the strong and self-promotion. Cooperation means that strategic alliance and both win the benefit. The Dialectical Relation of competition and cooperation is that competition stimulates cooperation and cooperation promotes competition.

Authorization and Control: Authorization means decentralizing management, performing duties independently and putting the trust fundamentally. Control means that combining resolution with mildness, but mainly rely on mildness, supervision and inspection , and self-controlled.The Dialectical Relation of authorization and control is that responsibility , right and benefit are reciprocal.

Reward and Penalty: Reward means that the capable works more and the meritorious earns more. Penalty means that if anyone makes a mistake , he must be disciplined, and that is a warning to others. The Dialectical Relation of reward and Penalty is that combining reward with punishment.

Standard and Simple: Standard means systematized management, profession conforms to the procedure and standardized work. Simple: Responsibility only, order only and standard only.The Dialectical Relation of standard and simple is that standardizing the simple matter and making the standard matter efficient.

Benefit other people as well as oneself: Benefit oneself means that respect personal benefit and oppose individualism. Benefit others means that the individual obeys the collective, the short-term is subordinated to the long-term and the inner part of the company is obedient to the market.The Dialectical Relation of benefit other people as well as oneself is that sharing the benefit together and taking on the risk together.

Process and Result: Process means execution-Do things correctly Result means achievement-It is correct to do things.The Dialectical Relation of process and result is that process is responsible for result.

Retaining and Elimination: Retaining means remain the talent. The main factors to remain the talent are enterprise, salary and emotion. Elimination means eliminate the mediocre. That is to promote the capable and resign the mediocre.The Dialectical Relation of retaining and elimination is that ?eliminating the mediocre and retain the talent.

Management Technology:
¡ôAPQP (Advanced Product Quality Planning)
   ¡ôFMEA (Failure Mode and Effect Analysis)
   ¡ôSPC (Statistics Process Controlling)
   ¡ôMSA (Measurement System Analysis)
   ¡ôQCC (Quality Controlled Circle)
   ¡ô5S (SEIRI¡¢SEITON¡¢SEISO¡¢SEIKETSU¡¢SHITSUKE 5S is a formula for clean, orderly, comfortable , safe and effective working environment.)

Sustainable Improvement

QMS Pattern which bases on the process

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