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In Ideas PCB, we believe we are here to serve you.  When we provide you with a service we aim to make the experience better than anything you have had before.  

That way we know we are confident you will keep working with us.  We constantly strive towards a never ending cycle of improvement and this means constant change to meet the changing demands of the market.

We strive to be your reliable partner, not supplier.

  •  Turn-Key Service
  •  Instant Response
  •  On-Time Delivery
  •  Quality Assurance 
  • Wonderful Team
  • No MOQ

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About us

Colorful Enterprise Culture Activities:

      HONG KONG IDEAS INDUSTRIAL LIMITED( IdeasPCB ) actively promotes the human natural enterprise culture, and diligently moulds a team which is full of ideal and strength. Our  company attaches importance to the integral coordination and cooperation of the team, gives full play to each department’s promotional function, and strenuously creates the most favorable development space with every effort for the staffs. It also vigorously develops the lively recreational activities, guides the staffs’ mood and thought at the right moment, and let them feel the glory and importance of the work, experiences the warmth and power of our team everywhere.