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Publish Date:2020-11-14

 In the production process of China PCB assembly manufacture, what inspections must be carried out to make customers feel at ease? Many customers are worried about the quality problem when selecting dealers. Today, IDEASPCB will share how we ensure that China PCB assembly manufacturing is inspected at every stage of the entire PCB production process? Don’t miss those who are interested!

 First of all, the factory inspection: raw materials, auxiliary materials, purchased parts, purchased parts are inspected before delivery. Ensure raw materials are not stored and used.

China PCB assembly manufacture

 The second is the whole process inspection: also known as process inspection, used for on-site inspection of products in the production process. It prevents the unqualified products from flowing into the next process and avoids the abnormal PCB production of a large number of unqualified products in the manufacturing process.

 Final inspection: also known as finished product inspection, an inspection of finished products before warehousing and supply. Inspect according to customer contract and relevant specifications to ensure customer acceptance. The following details the quality inspection of the circuit board manufacturer. The monitoring system software of the China PCB assembly manufacturing factory also follows this procedure. If you want to master a lot of PCB news information or want to produce a circuit board, please consult.

 In the past, purchasing PCB raw materials was not harmful to the whole production. Therefore, there is no need to do much work in raw materials procurement, which will endanger the subsequent situation. The following small series for you to introduce how to do a good job in procuring raw materials?

 In the purchase of raw materials for China PCB assembly manufacturing, we must seriously grasp it. For the whole sales market, this is the prerequisite for purchasing raw materials. There are also some actual situations in the wholesales market in different links, which are quite different. In other words, in order to do a good job in purchasing, we should pay attention in advance, make clear, and really master some PCB raw materials produced by manufacturers. There are also related machinery and equipment production and manufacturing for some prices in the entire sales market; this is the prerequisite for everyone to do purchasing work.

 Purchasing raw materials of China PCB assembly manufacture depends not only on the quality of raw materials but also on the overall planning level. Many people may know little about this level of things, or what they know will be hurt once they do it. If we can think about this level of things purposefully, it will immediately jeopardize subsequent results. In procurement level work, we should make more sales market comparisons to ensure many choices.

China PCB assembly manufacture

    China PCB assembly Manufacturing raw materials will cause harm to the follow-up treatment, so a person should really grasp this specific situation in the whole selection process and have much cognitive ability for the actual treatment level, which can reasonably prevent other problems. If the raw materials’ quality is not timely understood, it will inevitably damage the follow-up application, so we only focus on this. Then we can reasonably prevent the situation at other levels. We hope we can know a lot about our own purchasing work at this level.

Why is the picking failure rate of 01005 SMT chip high

Recently, a client asked in the early consultation I want to stick less; there are only two kinds of materials on each board, 01005 capacitors and 0201 magnetic beads because 01005 capacitor material belt is narrow, 4x4mm size, 0.4mm thick substrate, material bandwidth is 6mm.
From the customer’s consultation, we have found several key problems in SMT chip processing. For example, 01005 capacitance, 6mm strip width. In fact, according to the current SMT chip factory’s daily operation, this is already high-precision mounting.

China PCB assembly manufacture

Comparison of component specifications

Therefore, from the evaluation of the chip processing plant, the customer’s process requirements are very high. Therefore, special attention should be paid to the selection of suction nozzle and Feida and the improvement of technology. We do improve and pay attention to it in this way, but we still have to pick failure and high throwing rate in the actual chip processing, so today, we will take this case to share with you the reasons for picking failure of 01005 components

  1. The tape specification does not match the feeder specification;
  2. Wrong selection of mounting head;
  3. The vibration of the feeding part is too large;
  4. Incorrect component thickness data;
  5. The paper cutter cannot cut the braid normally;
  6. The feeder is not firmly installed, and the movement of the thimble is not smooth;

SMT patch

Because the customer only did SMT small-batch proofing, and the customer’s feedback information was 01005 component material bandwidth of 6 mm. However, the actual measurement time was only 4 mm, which led to the first material belt was too short, the second material belt was too light, the vibration amplitude of the feeding part was too large, and the customer’s information was wrong, resulting in the operator’s selection of the feeder specification and the tape. Moreover, the data of component thickness is incorrect during debugging.
Finally, after repeated confirmation with the customer, the customer corrected the relevant information. For this product defect, the customer shall bear the relevant expenses. Moreover, improve the customer incoming inspection standards and processes. Especially in the rush period at the end of the year, we should not relax our quality control sense.
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