Complete PCB assembly services

Publish Date:2020-11-14

In particular, what are the costs involved in the processing of complete PCB assembly services? Today, the IDEASPCB electronic editor will share it with you!
Complete PCB assembly services referred to as surface mounting, is mainly to weld the SMD components on the PCB circuit board. It is divided by devices, such as a resistor, capacitor, and other devices. BGA / IC has four pins for one point, and some customers have two points for one device. All kinds of situations exist. However, some special devices, such as inductors, large power capacitors, and IC, are calculated according to special components, which is the calculation method of points.

Complete PCB assembly services

Complete PCB assembly services。 At present, the charging mode of welding is mainly divided according to the products. For example, the common price of consumer electronic products may be between 0.008 yuan/point and 0.012 yuan/point. Medical PCBA electronics and automobile electronics generally have high-quality requirements in the industry, so the price will be higher, with the range of 0.016-0.03. In addition, it also depends on the overall process difficulty of PCBA, such as test requirements, mounting accuracy, process requirements, and so on.
SMT placement machine is a kind of very precise automatic production equipment, which can solve the production demand of customers’ products with high efficiency, improve the production efficiency, provide a crucial space for the acceleration of the production cycle of customers’ products, and also can greatly save the production cost of customers. Since SMT is so excellent and SMT Mounter is highly efficient, what should we pay attention to when operating it? Today, I would like to share with you the processing operation and use precautions of complete PCB assembly services

Complete PCB assembly services
  1. Before operating SMT Mounter, we must know the precautions of SMT Mounter;
  2. Before the SMT Mounter starts up, the operator should check the electricity, gas, oil, and liquid of the machine;
  3. The start-up operation sequence of SMT Mounter must be strictly carried out;
  4. The SMT placement machine must be debugged in strict accordance with the SMT placement machine operation instructions;
  5. SMT Mounter must be maintained regularly.
  6. If any fault is found, it must be solved in time and can not work with disease.
    At the same time, with the development of manufacturing to intelligent manufacturing, more and more attention has been paid to it. With the technical support of 5g industrial interconnection, the overall promotion of industrial intelligence and the current demand are also higher and higher. Therefore, from the perspective of the development of industrial refinement, the traceability, and traceability system must be a necessary part of the manufacturing industry in the future. So today, we will analyze the practical significance of the MES system in the product stage and process phase of SMT chip processing.
    MES system is used in the processing of complete PCB assembly services, mainly in the following aspects: solder paste printing, SMT mounting, PCB welding, first article inspection, material traceability, auxiliary material collection, and other links, among which the most important part may be components. Because the quality and reliability of components directly determine whether our quality can be trusted by customers.
    In the current market situation, many billing rules are already transparent. For example, how many points are in the pricing range, how much money is in the range, what price is in this range, and when the price exceeds this range, appropriate discounts can be given? Basically, this mode is adopted. It can only be said that different companies have different calculation methods.