PCBA turnkey solution

Publish Date:2020-11-14

Industry background

 China has become a big country in the PCBA industry, but now it faces fierce market competition and relatively low added value of products. In order to seek a market share in the market, profit has been squeezed continuously. Also, with the price-cutting competition of large OEM factories, the assembly industry’s gross profit rate has been reduced to less than 10%. There is a trend of centralization in production. The world-famous major manufacturers, such as Compaq, IBM, Apple, racked bell, AST, ESCOM, etc., pay more attention to the technical level, product quality, and sufficient capacity of the manufacturers looking for outsourcing objects. As a result, most of the orders are in the hands of large manufacturers, such as Acer, Volkswagen, quanta, ASUS, etc., and the industrial concentration is increasing.

PCBA turnkey solution

With the development of electronic products to light, thin, small, high-density, and multi-functional, the assembly density and integration of components on printed circuit boards are getting higher and higher, which requires higher production and processing accuracy, stability, and flexibility. At the same time, facing the rising price of raw materials, environmental protection regulations, employee wage adjustment, and increasingly fierce global competition.

 To win in the fierce competition, we only need to take more scientific and advanced measures to solve production and operation problems and grasp the market.

 Reasonable production planning and scheduling and timely response to production plan changes;

 Shorten the lead time and control delivery time;

 Reduce batch scrap during loading process;

 Prevent and prevent the abnormal circulation of unqualified products;

 Grasp the production progress and quality status of orders in real-time;

 Grasp the distribution of WIP in real-time, effectively control and reduce WIP inventory;

 Improve the utilization rate of the equipment and prolong the service life of the equipment.

 Understand all kinds of production conditions of the production line, such as process parameters, quality conditions, and product parameters, to timely, warn and prevent the further development of adverse events;

 Reduce the scope and quantity of recall and save the traceability cost;

 Accurate calculation of manufacturing cost, management cost, and various, i.e., data to provide real and reliable support for process improvement;

 ? measure the performance of the manufacturing site correctly;

 Make management decisions based on information;

 TODA-MES PCBA turnkey solution


 Provide all kinds of production quality reports; provide customer trust

 Key parts traceability

 Anti skip and leakage station, wrong material and less material

 ? SMT feeding error proofing

 (maintenance qualification, performance management, cause phenomenon method knowledge base

 Stop line control, rework management, engineering change release process management

 ? SPC analysis, QC data real-time collection

 Equipment maintenance and maintenance.

 Automatic import of AOI, ICT, and FCT test data

 Provide the most real field data for IE improvement, such as inter-process handling time, process processing time, etc

 Toda MES advantages

 L MES with the highest cost performance in China.

 Rapid implementation and quick results

 It has been developed by dozens of senior factory management consultants and IT professionals for several years.

 L distributed open system structure can be flexibly configured according to industry characteristics and personalized business processes.

 L plug-in integration with any product of to product line.

 PCBA turnkey solution design service is very suitable for small and medium-sized enterprises or individuals who do not have their own design team. Our company transforms customers’ design concepts into specific and feasible technical solutions, from functional requirements to software and hardware design and product manufacturing, and provides one-stop integrated manufacturing solutions. Nortel electronics has been focusing on PCBA solution design for 10 years. It has two design teams in design, development, DFM analysis, proofing, and mass production. Both of them graduated from colleges and universities. They have rich experience in PCBA board processing and are involved in various fields, such as electronics, medical treatment, and home furnishings. Simultaneously, according to different customer needs, we provide a responsive and flexible cooperation mode. To seize the consumer market, electronic product design companies need a PCBA turnkey solution company with rich experience and technical support to transform product concepts into physical products. We will be your first choice!

 PCBA turnkey solution design process

 product design

 Customers communicate with our designer team to describe the product design ideas, functional requirements, and appearance requirements. Our designer team responds quickly according to customer requirements and gives design plans and documents within 48 hours.

 Material selection

 After the product design scheme is decided, the material selection is carried out. Nordic electronics adheres to the concept of making customers live a better life. The form and function of customers’ products select various electronic components, IC, capacitors, batteries, CPU, sensor, etc., which determines the product’s endurance.

 Structural design

 PCB file and structure design, generate PCB proofing file, ensure the reliability, functionality, stability, and feasibility of product proofing and production. Allows structural verification of the design according to product requirements, greatly reducing delivery risk.

 DFM analysis

 Engineers analyze PCB proofing documents, further optimize the layout of circuits and components, perform DFM analysis, identify defects of PCBA turnkey solution, improve and improve PCBA manufacturing yield and reduce the after-sales service cost.

 Product proofing

 PCBA board proofing is to realize the design concept of the product. After quickly determining the PCBA turnkey solution, Nortel’s electronic engineer team provides fast proofing service, shortens technical preparation, component procurement, and PCBA process.

Manufacturing services

 We strive to shorten the product development cycle, optimize the design, and achieve mass production from design to mass production. Nordic electronics has 7 full-automatic SMT production lines and 2 dip plug-in lines to realize the standardization and automation of mass production and improve production efficiency. To meet the requirements of customers’ products to market quickly.

 Design experience of IDEASPCB PCBA turnkey solution, proficient in designing mainstream chips such as MCU and arm, or assisting customers to complete DFM manufacturability design, create high-quality products, and serve terminal customers. Our PCBA turnkey solution design services are favored by customers at home and abroad. We can not only guarantee its all-round and high-quality service but also reduce the total time and cost of product manufacturing “recall” and the cost of after-sales service.

PCBA turnkey solution

Through 20 years of processing experience, IDEASPCB company summed up the following points
Common SMT chip processing solder paste printing poor reasons.

  1. Printing position deviation
    Causes: poor alignment of the template and PCB is the main reason. There is also bad template production; printing accuracy is not enough.
    Hazard: easy to cause bridging.
    Countermeasures: adjust the position of the template; adjust the printing press.
  2. Insufficient filling
    The insufficient filling is a phenomenon of insufficient supply of solder paste to PCB pad. Unfilled, lack of welding, less welding, depression, and so on all belong to insufficient filling. Because the insufficient filling amount is related to many factors, such as printing pressure, scraper speed, off-screen condition, solder paste performance and state, template manufacturing method, poor template cleaning, and so on, the most reasonable printing conditions are significant.
  3. Infiltration
    Penetration refers to the penetration of flux around the pad to be filled. The penetration is too much pressure of the printing scraper, the too large gap between the template and PCB, etc.; measures should be taken to adjust the printing parameters and clean the template in time.
  4. Bridging
    Bridging is the phenomenon that solder paste is printed on adjacent pads. The possible reasons include the position deviation between the template and PCB, large printing pressure, large printing gap, and unclean reverse side of the template. The printing parameters should be adjusted reasonably, and the template should be cleaned in time.
  5. The solder paste pattern is concave
    Causes: the pressure of the scraper is too high; the hardness of the rubber scraper is not enough; the template window is too large.
    Harm: insufficient solder, easy to appear false solder, solder joint strength is not enough.
    Countermeasures: adjust the printing pressure; replace with metal scraper; improve the design of template window.
  6. Too much solder paste
    Causes: the size of the template window is too large; the gap between the template and PCB is too large.
    Hazard: easy to cause bridging.
    Countermeasures: check the size of the template window; adjust the printing parameters, especially the gap of the PCB template.
  7. Uneven amount of solder paste and breakpoint
    Causes: the template window wall is not smooth; too many printing times, failed to wipe off the residual solder paste in time; poor thixotropy of solder paste.
    Harm: easy to cause insufficient solder, such as false welding, defects.
    Countermeasures: clean the formwork.
  8. Image contamination
    Causes: the template printing times, failed to clean in time; poor quality of solder paste; jitter off the screen.
    Hazard: easy to cause bridging.
    Countermeasures: scrub the template, change the solder paste, adjust the machine.
    In a word, when printing solder paste, it should be noted that the parameters of solder paste will change at any time, such as particle size, shape, thixotropy, flux performance, etc. also, the parameters of the printing machine will also change, such as printing pressure, speed, ambient temperature, etc. The printing quality of solder paste greatly influences the welding quality, so each parameter in the printing process should be treated carefully, and the relevant data should be observed and recorded frequently.
PCBA turnkey solution