Quick turn PCB prototype assembly

Publish Date:2020-11-15

With the rise of the global hardware innovation tide and the upgrading and transformation of the national economy, hardware innovation entrepreneurs are springing up like mushrooms. But the vast majority of these teams face the pressure and difficulties of various resources, such as funds, personnel, technology, and so on. Among these difficulties, the sample production problem is one of the most headache problems for developers, which can not be bypassed and must be solved, otherwise, the development will be impossible.
In the production process of quick turn PCB prototype assembly, have you also encountered the following difficulties?

Quick turn PCB prototype assembly
  1. The quantity is too small, the manufacturer doesn’t take orders
  2. Skyrocketing start-up cost, engineering cost
  3. The order is small, the factory does not pay attention to it, and the quality is not guaranteed
  4. Slow speed, delay project progress
    This can be solved!
    Next, Shenzhen IDEASPCB will tell you how to quickly complete the production of quick turn PCB prototype assembly from two aspects of “preparation” and “supplier selection”.
    Preparation for developers
    1、 Output of engineering documents of standards and codes;
    a) Standard production of electronic BOM
    BOM is one of the most important documents for the output of design and development, and it is also a necessary document for subsequent purchase and placement. This requires that the output BOM file must be standardized, and the relevant material information should be listed clearly and comprehensively. The contents to be clearly marked in electronic BOM include component name, component specification, component location number, component PN code (material number), component shape, required quantity, and substitution relationship; if there is brand demand for components, brand requirements and component MPN (manufacturer’s item number) shall be listed.
    b) Standardize PCB production file output
    PCB board is a very important part, and its production process is many. According to the number of layers, the production cycle is between 4-9 days. No modification can be made after feeding. Otherwise, it can only be scrapped and reused, thus delaying the development progress. Therefore, PCB production documents must be accurate and clear.
    c) Specification patch file
    SMT is the most important step to verify the function of hardware design by pasting components on the PCB board. Whether it is smooth or not will seriously affect the development progress and development effect. Because it involves many devices and precise equipment, any non-standard and inaccurate documents will lead to adverse effects and affect the progress. Therefore, it is necessary to ensure that the engineering documents output to the SMD plant is standardized and accurate. The main requirements are as follows:
    The BOM should be accurate and standard, including the information of BOM production requirements mentioned above;
    A kind of
    PCB file or Gerber is used to open the steel mesh and guide coordinates to make the placement program.
Quick turn PCB prototype assembly

1、 Lead time management of key devices
A hardware product requires dozens of components or hundreds of components, involving many suppliers. No matter how much demand is, even one less component will lead to the failure of sample production. Moreover, the procurement cycle of each particle is also different. Therefore, it is very important to do a good job in material lead time management, to solve the problems caused by the lead time of components.
The mainstream devices are easy to buy in the current market. There are many channels to obtain mainstream device information, such as IDEASPCB electronic network or Huaqiang Xincheng, etc., which can be understood more quickly than comprehensively;
A kind of identification and management of key components in the development process, designers must identify which are the key components, because these are mainly chip devices, and the substitutability is very poor; according to experience, the procurement of these materials will become the bottleneck, and the lead of these materials will become the bottleneck Time management is particularly important. Developers must consider the procurement cycle of key components when formulating the development schedule;
A kind of looking for large component platform cooperation. A large platform has the advantages of sufficient supply, wide channels, and good price. For the development stage or small batch production stage, it is the best choice to find a large platform for cooperation when the purchase volume is small.
The processing capability of suppliers is directly related to the quality of samples. For this consideration, please refer to the items in the table below:
2、 Good cooperation, pay attention to quality and service
Quick turn PCB prototype assembly is based on quality and speed, and good communication with electronic manufacturers is the catalyst. If the communication is smooth and the two sides cooperate well, the production efficiency can be greatly improved.
3、 Fast delivery
It usually takes 5-15 days for the design scheme to be sent back to the PCBA sample. If the control is not good, the time may be extended to one month. If there is a time delay caused by human factors, it will have a great negative impact on the project schedule.
If the preparatory work is done well in the early stage, and then the appropriate suppliers are selected, the problems such as “less quantity, no order”, “no guarantee of quality” and “slow speed” can be solved easily. Quick turn PCB prototype assembly is based on quality and speed, and good communication with electronic manufacturers is the catalyst. When the electronic product company has such a concept, it can gradually form a stable cooperative relationship and good design habits and maximize the smooth progress of the project.
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