Turn-key PCB assembly manufacturing

Publish Date:2020-10-21

Shenzhen IDEASPCB Co., Ltd. is a professional manufacturer of high-quality, high-precision single-sided and multi-layer turn-key PCB assembly manufacturing enterprises. The company has modern imported professional production equipment and testing equipment, and operates in strict accordance with the management standard of modern enterprise system, and has established a group of professional PCB manufacturing teams. The company’s high-precision circuit boards are widely used in household appliances, automobile instruments, computers and peripheral equipment, LCD and led fields. The main processes are lead-free tin spray plate, gold plating plate, gold plate, tin plate, O.S.P oxidation resistance board, blind buried hole plate, impedance board, high-frequency board, etc. Based on scientific management, the company has established an experienced, quick response and pragmatic management team, established a sound organization and standardized management system, established a fair and just, performance-oriented employee incentive mechanism, and advocated a unique corporate culture, so that the entire enterprise always maintained a mature and open mind and vigorous vitality.
As an aspiring and responsible enterprise, the company adheres to the business philosophy of “being a mature enterprise and product”, and offers good quality products, mature experience, and sincere service for consumers. The company pays attention to the product quality, establishes and improves the product quality assurance system, with the advanced technology, the fine equipment; the precise inspection instrument, the strict scientific management, as well as the reliable product, sells well, receives the user’s high praise. We sincerely welcome new and old customers and friends at home and abroad to visit us for business negotiation and guidance.

Turn-key PCB assembly  manufacturing

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How many manufacturers do you need to process and assemble a turnkey PCB assembly?
I’m not familiar with the circuit board. How many manufacturers do you need to pass through for a complete circuit board? Our PCB boards and welding separately made by different manufacturers? Are the components on the line purchased by ourselves or by one of them?
The components and other auxiliary materials in the middle are generally purchased by the manufacturer, and the single raw material shall be certified by OEM. The general process is as follows: 1. The customer (OEM) places an order with the PCB manufacturer; 2. The PCB manufacturer sells the main raw materials (CCL, i.e., copper-clad laminate) from the plate manufacturer; 3. The PCB manufacturer processes the CCL into PCB through dozens of processes (smooth PCB, no components are not mounted); 4. The PCB is delivered to the OEM; 5. The OEM transfers the PCB to the mounting plant; 6. The mounting plant installs the device on the PCB and sends it back to the OEM 7. OEM completes the whole machine installation and debugging. Some companies set PCB manufacturing and mounting in one, and some OEMs have their own mounting plants. In short, PCB and mount are two separate processes.

Turn-key PCB assembly  manufacturing

Turn-key PCB assembly manufacturing depends on the scale of the foundry, for example;
Sony’s PS4 is OEM in Pegatron. We only talk about PCBA.
The light board without parts is called PCB, and the part or semi-finished product is called PCBA. An m9pcba cloud needs to pass through the following SMT and dip protection.
First of all, SMT segment (surface patch or superficial branch)
Light plate — laser carving — tin paste — placing parts — AOI inspection — reflow — visual inspection — Test (if the parts are installed on both sides, repeat from the printing paste)
Lightboard: PCB board without parts
Laser engraving: use laser engraving serial number to track product status
Printing in: using dekh_ Other brand printers print solder paste to the pad point of PCB board to stick the parts: use Siemens / Panasonic and other brands to paste the parts on the PCB board
Measure the displacement of LGI, LGI, LGI, LGI, etc.
Reflow: the solder paste will be liquefied and cooled to a solid-state by reflow furnace heating, and the parts will be fixed on the PCB board.
Visual inspection: quality control risk caused by uncontrollable work error of important specification cloud parts or machines. F. personnel shall focus on the inspection with naked eyes and tools.
Test: put in the testing equipment to test the function of each component, so far, the end of SMT section!
2、 Dip (interface and large part plug-in)
Fix PCBA on the vehicle, insert the parts into the PCB pin space by special machine or manual, too small tin furnace or wave soldering furnace. After cooling, the I / O device is connected to test the function of the finished product.
At this point, the SMT segment ends!
At this point, the dip segment ends.
3、 Answer
I’m not familiar with the circuit board_ How many manufacturers do you need to pass through when circuit boards come down?
Large OEM factories can do it themselves. P_ Are welding and welding done separately to different manufacturers?
As mentioned above, SMT & dip is divided into two parts. Although SMT & dip is the same board, it is two completely different technical units.
Are the components on the line purchased by themselves or one of the links purchased on behalf of others?
This depends on whether the customer has made specific purchasing agent F. for example, if the customer specifies to use a certain model of Samsung memory particles of 16g / piece, they will be thrown according to the customer’s requirements. If only 16g / chip is required, it will be used as the manufacturer’s brand feeding parts.
For the specific turn-key PCB assembly manufacturing standardized process and operation instructions, we can contact us, involving the technical confidentiality of the previous company, and cloud needs to sign a confidentiality contract