Turnkey prototype PCB assembly

Publish Date:2020-10-21

Advanced Circuits Gamma It’s a true “one-stop-shop” solution for PCB manufacturing and assembly, all of which are under one roof for up to a day. Seamless processes need to deal with the hassle of multiple suppliers and reduce the possible shipping delays when transporting boards to a separate facility for assembly.
Rapid rotation assembly of small-batch PCB prototype
Because we can do all the internal work in the same facility, we can complete the manufacturing, installation, and transportation of a small number of prototype boards in one day, because can do all the work in the same facility, thus eliminating error communication problems and possible delays when delivering printed circuit boards to other suppliers for prototype assembly.

Turnkey prototype PCB  assembly

In the multi-variety and small-batch environment, PCBs with similar characteristics are usually grouped into a group. In this way, in the same group, different varieties of turnkey prototype PCB assembly do not need to replace the feeder and the switching time; however, when the feeder needs to be replaced between two groups of PCBs, the switching time between them should be considered. According to this, the production scheduling problem of PCB can be divided into two levels: the first level scheduling problem is called “board level” scheduling problem, that is, to determine the production order of each PCB board in a PCB group; the second level of scheduling problem is called “group-level” scheduling problem, that is to determine the production order between PCB organizations.
In the process of mounting, the components required by different kinds of PCB boards are placed on these feeding slots. After the components are removed from the feeding trough by the take-off device, they are mounted on the designated position on the PCB. According to the survey data of the empirical research object, the average time for high-speed Mounter to install a component is 0.06s, and the average time to switch a feeding tank is 180s.

Turnkey prototype PCB  assembly

The multi-functional placement machine has two worktables, but only one table works. The other table is only used to place large or special-shaped components. Each table can accommodate 10 feeding slots. It takes 0.18s to mount a component on average, and the average time to switch one feeder is 220s. When switching between different kinds of PCB boards, the placement machine needs a certain preparation time, which is usually about 6 times the switching time of a component feeding slot, i.e. the 1200s.
Thus, switching time plays an important role in the assembly process of electronic products turnkey prototype PCB.