Turnkey prototype PCB fabrication

Publish Date:2020-11-14

Last time, I was asked what issues should be considered in turnkey prototype PCB fabrication. Today I sort out the problems and share them with you!
The Circuit board is a very important basic assembly component in electronic equipment, which is widely used in electronic products, instruments, computers, and other electronic equipment. Therefore, in the case of circuit board production, only by considering all fields clearly, can we ensure that the application of electronic equipment is not easy to encounter problems. So, what problems must be considered in turnkey prototype PCB fabrication?

Turnkey prototype PCB fabrication
  1. Considering the type of manufacture
    The circuit board is divided into a single board, double board, and multilayer board. The conductive pattern of the single-sided aluminum substrate is very simple. Only one side of the substrate has a conductive pattern, while both sides of the double-sided plate have a conductive pattern. In general, metal material holes are used to connect double-sided conductive images. The multilayer circuit board is more suitable for high-precision and complex electronic equipment due to its large number of layers and complex conductive types. Therefore, the manufacturer of the circuit boards with guaranteed quality should consider which kind of circuit board must be used in production.
  2. Consider the raw material of the substrate
    Polyimide film is composed of polymer material, a resin material, and modified raw material, which can be used as the base material of copper clad laminate. There are many kinds of resin materials, such as urea-formaldehyde resin, epoxy resin adhesive, polytetrafluoroethylene, etc. There are two improved raw materials, cardboard and fabric surface, which determine the physical properties of the substrate, such as cold resistance and tensile strength. Therefore, it is necessary to consider what kind of raw materials should be used in the production of circuit boards.
  3. Considering the nonelectric performance index of the copper-clad plate
    The quality of the CCL will directly damage the quality of the circuit board, and the quality of the CCL is mainly reflected in the peel strength, compressive strength, expansion and contraction, tensile strength, immersion welding resistance, and other nonelectrical performance indicators. Therefore, the non-electrical performance index of the CCL should be considered when making the circuit board.
    As circuit board is the infrastructure of electronic equipment, the high-quality circuit board must be used. Therefore, manufacturers should not only find PCB manufacturers with good after-sales maintenance service to produce PCB but also consider all aspects of PCB in the case of PCB production, so as to make the design scheme of PCB meet the application requirements as far as possible.
  4. Can the line be smaller than the factory standard?
    We can also do it, but in order to ensure the yield, we put forward a slightly larger requirement. If your board circuit is very precise, less than the requirements of the factory, you can consult our customer service staff for a quotation.
  5. What kind of board is a puzzle?
    In a PCB board, there are several separate application boards, that is, a panel. You can choose complete cutting, V engraving, slotting, stamp hole, and so on.
  6. How to deliver the goods? Can I make a V?
    By default, the mosaic is cut for you. If you require V engraving, please explain with our customer service staff when placing an order.
  7. What does V mean?
    That is to say, the edge line of the board is not completely cut, only a part is carved on the front and back sides, which can be broken off by hand. The shape of the groove is like the V character, so it is called V-shaped;
  8. Under what circumstances should green oil cover vias be selected?
    One is beautiful, the other is to prevent a short circuit caused by easily touching through-hole during welding. If tin spraying is not selected, the via hole may be filled, and the advantage is that the through-hole resistance becomes smaller and it is not easy to break.
  9. What is Shen Jin? Under what circumstances do you need to sink money?
    The purpose of the gold deposition process is to deposit nickel gold coating with stable color, good brightness, smooth coating, and good solderability on the surface of the printed circuit. It can be divided into four stages: pretreatment (degreasing, micro etching, activation, post leaching), nickel precipitation, gold deposition, and post-treatment (waste gold washing, di washing, drying). When you need to make a keyboard or socket, you may need to deposit gold. The gold plated board is not easy to rust and has low contact resistance.
  10. When is lead-free tin spraying necessary? Is it easy to use the lead-free tin spray?
    Environmental protection sheet, or external sheet, need lead-free tin spraying, lead-free plate welding temperature needs to be slightly higher. For normal debugging, lead-free tin spraying is not necessary.
  11. What is the default copper foil thickness of the 2-layer plate?
  12. Can you thicken the copper foil?
    Yes, please explain to the customer service staff when placing an order. There may be additional charges.
  13. Can I have an invoice?
    Invoice, VAT, and ordinary invoice can be issued
  14. How to deal with quality problems found in turnkey prototype PCB fabrication? How to compensate me?
    If you find that the board is wrong, or there is a quality problem, you can contact our customer service personnel, after verification, if it is our problem, we will be responsible for you to redo.
  15. Can I change the data after placing an order for the turnkey prototype PCB fabric?
    Due to the irreversibility of PCB production, please check the documents carefully before placing an order. Once the production is completed, it can not be modified. If there is any problem, please modify it before 19:00 on the day of placing the order. After that, everything will be produced according to your drawings!
    Please check the documents carefully before placing an order
    No matter in the production or use of any problems, we hope that both sides in good faith to solve the problem, to solve it is the most important! We only promise that we do board delivery time, the express time we do not guarantee, also hope to get your understanding!
Turnkey prototype PCB fabrication